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Face cloth/puppet - sad face

Face cloth/puppet - sad face

I call them Me Droolies. I wanted to design a fun thing for kids at bathtime.  For some kids bathtime is brilliant and a lovely way to bond. But get a bit older and it can become a bit more of a challenge. So for those who are averse to a good clean I have designed a fun puppet facewipe so you can play while washing. I have happy, sad and fighty face for those different moods we all go through while bathing. Check out the ears too as they match their mood – good for poking your fingers in too.

They are made from a very soft bamboo terry toweling which are lovely for your little one’s face. Bamboo is good for the environment too as it grows really quick so nice and sustainable (we like that).

Great gift for new babies and birthdays.   They’re also perfect for babies who drool.

Want a special personalized gift or one for each for the kids – I can stitch a single letter on the front right corner for you.

This droolie is a sad face.  Oh dear.

12 GBP