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Kid's toy - Ditto the squeaking Hamster

Kid's toy - Ditto the squeaking Hamster

Cheeky, cheeky Ditto.  She's either down the disco or on her wheel, bit hyper her.  She’ll fit in your hand and like all hamsters her cheeks are full of her bed (it is funny they do that).  I used a rather clever embroidery technique called trapunto to do that.

Made from a yellow and creamy white cotton with little pink felt feet, she’s not keen on the washing machine (you'll loose that squeak) but give her a dab if you get her a bit mucky.   She is filled with hypo-allergenic toy stuffing and you can make her squeak by squeezing her tummy.

Makes a great gift for children, grown-up kids and animal lovers.

Washing instructions: No washing machine for her – that squeaker will soon loose its squeak. You can dab her with a damp cloth especially behind the ears.

18 GBP